Eighteen Central Universities have Introduced Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) at Undergraduate Level

17 Central Universities (CUs) have got accredited with NAAC. 7 CUs have applied for NAAC re-accreditation and 9 CUs have applied for NAAC accreditation for the first time. Another 5 CUs have assured to apply for NAAC accreditation shortly.

· Out of 39 CUs, 37 CUs have introduced Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) at PG level. The 13 new CUs do not have UG programmes and 18 CUs had already introduced CBCS at UG level. All VCs assured that their preparations are complete and they will be starting CBCS this academic session.

· UGC has developed model syllabi for 85 mainline and 18 specialized courses and Universities are free to modify syllabi to the extent of 30% in line with the present provisions of migration warranting 70% common content.

· UGC organized 8 Regional Workshops covering the entire country, to facilitate implementation of CBCS.

· B.Voc. Programmes in 19 CUs has been started.

· Community Colleges have been approved for 19 CUs.

· 25 CUs have set up Community Development Cells (CDCs).

· 19 CUs have adopted/identified villages for their development.

· Other issues like Campus Connect Scheme, creation of Centres of Excellence, establishment of Innovation Clubs, Alumni involvement, Inspired teachers’ Network, Industry linkages etc. were also discussed, where most of the Universities have either made satisfactory progress or are in the process, giving them high priority.